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Welcome To The Resources Page!

*Updated Periodically*

This resources page is to be used as a reference for all our viewers. Here you will find all the products and services that we personally use to promote and build our niche blogs. You will also find recommended programs and services as well that we are partnered with.

*Disclaimer – Profitable Niche Blogging are affiliate of some or all of these products and services. We either use these products ourselves that we use in our training’s and tutorials or we recommend them if we believe they will be a good tool for you to have to make you niche blogging build a little easier.

This means in simple terms that we receive a commission if you purchase these products using our links. This is of course no extra cost to you. Please checkout our Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.*

Know that we go all that legal stuff out of the way. Let me explain what this resources page is for. Through out our careers online you will run across products and services that are ideal to have in whatever task your trying to complete. To make it easier on you we will post reviews, products and services and recommendations on this page.

Of course, the links to these products and services will be affiliate links as we started above. This is how we make a living because 99% of or content is free. Transparency is key and we always want to be transparent with our viewers.

We hope this resources page serves you well.

Web Hosting

Here I will list some of the best hosting services available online for WordPress website/blogs. If its something in particular we recommend you will notice it.

Blue Host Web Hosting

Blue Host Web Hosting

Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting providers and powers millions of websites. Learn more about our secure and reliable hosting services today!

The Most Recommended Hosting For WordPress Websites. Free Domain, SSL and More!

A2 Hosting (SSD Hosting)

A2 Hosting is the best and fastest hosting you can get for any website. 

A2 uses a special feature called turbo boost and your website is houses on a SSD server for optimal performance.

This hosting is ideal if you have those heavy loading websites or themes.

Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator web hosting is one of the most popular and most recommend hosting services on the web. What makes hostgator stand out if the affordability and what you get for your money.

Hostgator is great for beginners on a budget and needs some decent hosting to host their websites.

(Highly Recommended For Beginners)

Email Marketing

Here you will find products and services for email marketing such as autoresponders, templates, etc.

Getresponse is one of the most popular autoresponders on the web. As you progress through your training you will hear “The money is in the list”. This is when you will learn about list building and how powerful it can be.

You can get a 30-Day Trial with Getresponse and give it a test drive.

(Highly Recommended For Beginners)

Traffic Training

Here you will find training that teaches you about traffic. We already know organic traffic is key starting off. However, eventually, you will need to invest in paid traffic. Learn how to master Facebook traffic and generate quality leads and sales.

Paid Traffic Training Course

 This is a highly popular Traffic Training course that has been very active around the web. I personally checked it out at the level 1 level of entry and I have to say you get what you pay for.

You will learn how to master and leverage social media traffic and generate unlimited leads and more.

Click the green box to learn more.

Warning* This product is not cheap and will require a hefty investment. So please be sure this is what you need before you buy it. 

(Highly Recommended For Beginners)