Authority Hacker Review 2020: Is It A Scam or Not?

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Welcome to yet again another detailed review at Profitable Niche Blogging website. Today Im going to be writing an informative Authority Hacker Review for 2020. My website is relatively new, and my main goal is to provide training for my students and viewers and weed out the Great opportunities from the bad ones.

One perception that I have noticed is that legitimacy doesn’t matter in the online world. People want the next big thing to yield them buckets of money in hours and without doing shit. Unfortunately, some people still live in the real world, and we know that to be successful online boils down to one thing…  It takes money to make money.

Which brings us to our Authority Hacker Review for 2020, today we are going to ask the big question; Is it worth it or not?

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Authority Hacker Review

In this review, I will briefly go over who and what Authority Hacker is. We will also go over the two different systems they have put in place called Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro.

First, what is Authority Hacker? Authority Hacker is an industry-leading online educational company. That specializes in teaching people how to leverage social media, content creation, branding, and more to create Authority Websites. 

An Authority Website, by definition, is a website that outranks others. These websites are usually more accessible, more significant, and are highly scalable. These websites gain Authority or leadership in their respectable niche, which generates that website 45% or more traffic per day.

Authority Hacker creators are two gentlemen named Gael Brenton and Mark Webster. According to the Authority Hacker website about me page, Authority Hacker was created to make actionable online marketing education available to those who want to learn. So, in other words, they create a step-by-step guide for you to follow to create an authority website.

I find that remarkable, and the funny thing is… IT’S WORKING! The robust training that Gael and Mark give its student has shown them the importance of properly organizing and setting up a successful website.

If you were to opt-in to their free training via their website or my link here, they would talk about the three stages of an Authority Website.

  1. First Stage – Affiliate Website – Which is a website that promotes affiliate products and services and free information.
  2. Second Stage – ADs – This stage you build upon the first stage know you offer ad space, add to your website, and produce more reports. Guess post, curated content, etc.
  3. Third and Last Stage – Commercialize – At this point, you should be making decent money from your website. Know you can create your product for that niche and scale.

Some great examples of Authority websites are Lifehacker and other popular sites like Facebook, youtube, etc.

Life Hackers Worth

Most of these websites are backed behind a big company such as Facebook and Google itself. However, sites like Lifehacker capitalized on SEO and organic traffic, while most of the others didn’t so much.

So who is Authority Hacker For? Authority Hacker is for beginners and advanced marketers alike. After watching the free training webinar, I have to admit there was a lot I learn from there presentation, especially about content creation and syndication.

I believe that beginners can take a lot from Authority Hacker, and I recommend it as a next step to building a successful website online for many of my students. I don’t make it a necessity because its investment is a little mroe expensive but worth it.

So now you know the “What” about Authority Hacker. Let’s talk about what they have to offer.

Authority Site System Review

The Authority Site System (TASS) is the core module inside of Authority Hacker. This robust modules of audio and video training teach you the basics of what you need to know to build a successful website online. You start from the basics then go to advanced concepts.

Authority Site System Review – TASS Component #1 – Training Modules

Not only do they give you Authority Hacker Authority Site System Programviable information such as Keyword Research and Niche finding, content creation, and more. They also provide you with :

  • Premade templates
  • Spreadsheets for Keyword Research –
  • To-Do List – Keep track.
  • Premade Powerpoints for lead magnets
  • Preconfigured Trello Templates For Project management
  • And Much More!

One of the aspects I love about Authority Hacker is there is no fluff or bs. They give you organized information and visual aids to help you along the way. Each of the modules is designed to see results so you can move on to building the foundation of your business as fast as possible.

Authority Site System is primarily for people who start a successful blog and turn it into an Authority website. By creating an Authority site in their respectable niche, they can almost guarantee 45% of that niche traffic on a daily bases.

Easy concept but far from easy to do. It takes hard work but not as much as people think—it a mental perspective and keeping a schedule and being consistent.

Authority Site Review – TASS Component # 2 – Mastermind Group

Mastermind group via Facebook isn’t a new thing. Just about every legitimate opportunity, 0nline has a Facebook private group, which is usually called a mastermind group.

These groups are usually private, and you can only join once you become a member of the program, in the group members can share their success, ask questions, and more. I believe Facebook groups give high creditability and accountability for any opportunity. 

The reason I say this is because you can chat with people who are following the same training. You can also get into touch with accountability partners such as owners, trainers, ambassadors, etc.

I believe that communities like Wealthy Affiliate are better because you can chat and share with all the program members. Facebook groups are a great alternative if you don’t feel like building your social engagement platform. This is why I think WA has a lot more to give in areas of support and networking.

Authority Site Review – TASS Component #3 – Site Examples and Case Studies

What makes Authority Hacker great is that they show you examples and case studies to prove that their methods work. Most of us are visual learners, so seeing a visual model goes a long way then just audio and video training. I believe this aspect helps a lot of people because they can follow a visual guide and see results.

Here is one of their authority websites that are making good money per month.

Another addition that adds is case studies, which I believe are powerful in showing accountability and results with your opportunity. The showcase case studies from student success as well as their own.

Case Study # 1 – Outside/Gardening Website That Makes 6 Figures Per Year

Case Study #2 – Photography Website That is Making Over 7 Figures Per Year. (Over $1 Million)

These are just a few of the case studies and examples you can find. Once you join Authority Hacker, whether the Authority Site System Program or Authority Hacker Pro, you will get access to more great examples and case studies.

Now let’s talk about Authority Hacker Pro and the difference between Authority Site System.

The Authority Hacker Pro Review – The Golden Path To Your Successful Authority Website and Passive Income

Authority Hacker Pro is the second choice you can take. If you already had a decent foundation for an Authority Website or took advantage of Authority Site System. You can still follow the Authority Hacker Pro Program and make your website better and more authoritative.

The bulk of all the training that Authority Hacker offers is inside the Authority Hacker Pro Program. To make things more simple, this is how the programs should be described:

  • Authority Site System – is for people who don’t have a website or started a website but need help with the structure or started from scratch.
  • Authority Hacker Pro – is for people who already have a decent website but need to make it mroe authoritative or for people who just started a website or came from Authority Site System Program.

So you see Authority hacker can attract Beginners and Advanced bloggers and Entrepreneurs alike. It’s not designed to be just for the professional marketer. It honestly designed for any and everybody willing to follow the training and learn.

Here are some of the training that included in the Authority Hacker Pro Program:

  • Pro Blueprints – You will get blueprints documents that show you how to structure your websites. From sitemap creation to website skeleton structure with categories and more.
  • Webinar Training – Similar to Wealthy Affiliate Webinar Training, which is AWESOME. They regularly will teach you new methods and more visual learning for visual learners like me.
  • Templates – This is an excellent addition as most of the work is done for you. All you have to do is follow the premade templates.
  • Community – Again, similar to WA, there is a robust community via a Facebook group and more. Networking is vital as many people are following the same training and working together.

The blueprint is a powerful addition in Authority Hacker. You don’t see this very often. In Authority Hacker Pro, you get ALOT of plans used for different aspects of your business.

The blueprints are broken Content Marketing and SEOdown in categories which are:

  • Content Structure and Marketing and SEO – Capitalizing on organic traffic is essential to an authority website. Content structure is equally as important. You don’t want just to publish content, each piece of content has to have a purpose, either buying something or educating something.
  • Email Marketing – Email Marketing will eventually be an essential aspect of your business. Early on, you don’t have to leverage Email Marketing, but it is a good idea to start ASAP. Just like the saying goes, the power of success is on the list.
  • Social Media Marketing – This will become Content Marketing and SEOimportant when you get to stage 2 of your authority website training, and you are starting to build a brand. Social Media can be powerful to syndicate
  •  your content and brand across the web and world.
  • Monetization – Perhaps some of the biggest mistakes people make is how to monetize their websites. They have great 
    authoritative blogs, but they learn A LOT of money on the table because they didn’t correctly monetize. This training is essential to growth in income.
  • Content Types and Structures – This aspect is overlooked. Most people think you just create an 
  • article post and post them and share them. However, that not entirely the right way to go. There are many different types of content such as 
    • Pillar Content – Which is shareable content with multiple sections and usually are very long.
    • Listicles – Which are Top 10 best of something
    • Comparison Post – such as Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Authority Hacker
    • How-To – How to Tutorials or how to do something
    • And more.

You will have blueprints to just about all of these different aspects of a great website, which will make it easier for you to create content for your website. Of course, the alternative is to outsource, which they teach you as well as your site grows. The primary goal is to do all the hard work upfront and eventually have it automated.

This will help you maintain and manage your authority websites and business as a whole as you scale and grow. As you progress within the training, you will often run across subtopics that will touch on other aspects of creating an authority website.

Some of those topics are:

  • Keyword Research – Help you find long-tail keywords with good traffic but less competition. This is always how you want to start. Then after your website starts gaining Authority, you can go for harder keywords.
  • Outsourcing and Producing Top Content – Ultimately, you want the best content. Not everybody is a great writer; I know Im not. Outsourcing is a great way to get a professionally written copy for your website. Having top content can get your blog featured on big websites for editorial pieces such as and more.
  • Organic Promotion – A lot of people say SEO is dead, but that is far from the truth. Having proper on-page SEO and off-SEO is key to capitalizing on organic traffic. Organic traffic is more potent than Paid traffic because Organic traffic is targeted traffic, and 99% of the time, they are ready to buy. While paid traffic is more generic traffic and can be useful for ad revenue but not direct sales.
  • Building Backlinks – I am going to being honest; this is something I never took seriously until later in my career. I always thought it was impossible to understand and learn. However, Authority Hacker changed my mind. They will teach you a funnel system that will generate your backlinks to your content. This will make your website has an abundance of internal and external links linking to reputable sources, which will make your site look more natural and professional.
  • Guess Posting (Links and Curated Post) – Guess posting on other blogs is a great way to build your brand and make some good friends. You don’t have just to guess post for a link to your website, you can also guess post just to be a friendly entrepreneur, and in return, they will owe you one. Sometimes they will curate a fantastic blog post that will make you a lot of ad revenue or direct sales, and they will get a link back with help with their Authority as well.
  • And much more training included.

In addition to the training above, there are many more templates for content structure and content marketing.

You will find templates such as:

  • List Post with Images (Roundup Post)
  • List Post with that are keyword specific (Roundup Post
  • Best X & best X for Y Roundup review Posts
  • Single product review
  • Question post
  • How to post
  • Embed post
  • and more

If you ever go to an authority website like, you will post all over the place. If you pay attention to the post that they create, you can learn what job gets excellent viewership.

You want to have a variety of post on your website that includes the templates above and more. Most importantly, you want to follow the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 is key to authority success; it’s 80% buyable content and 20 percent sharable content.

So in other words, in most of your content, you will have affiliate links in forms of recommendations and alternatives as well as suggestions for the viewers.

The other 20% will most like not to have any affiliate links at all. Honestly, your sharable content, which is listicles, how-tos, and more, should link back to pages within your website. These are called internal links or (Do-Follow) links, which are crucial for good on-page SEO.

Other templates you might run across are more geared toward competition. You want to have the best content structure and formats to have a variety of content for your viewers. You will find templates such as:

  • Lead Magnets – These are designed to capture leads and build your email list. These subscribers are usually buyers, which you can follow up with an email. Based on statistical data, most email list subscribers will convert after the 7th email, and often, 15-20 percent will turn. This is why an email list is robust.
  • Email Campaigns – Having prepaid follow up emails are put together for you in a campaign is excellent. You might have to do some minor tweaking for your niche, but that is a great addition. You can prepare months of email followups and broadcast with your subscribers. Just don’t spam them with offers to much, recommend a product or two per month, but give them reliable information.
  • Email Automation – You can eventually set up email drip automation, which can make your life so much easier. Talking about making money while you sleep.
  • Opt-ins – Opt-ins are very powerful, as well. Not only can you catch some potential buyers passing through, but you can also remind them of what’s available. People tend to get sidetracked, so having a call to action on the page or an exit pop up can be an excellent addition to your website.
  • Blog Content – Having a variety of templates for blog content, and all you have to do is feel in the content with your own but keep the structure. If you follow these templates, you will have featured content on big websites.
  • And many more.

Right now, you probably see why I say hard work is involved with build an Authority Website. Once you get your website going and get some traction and Authority, you will be thankful for how hard you worked in the beginning. Remember, consistency is vital, and once you get your website to that point, all you have to do is manage it.

Remember, each phase you take a follow, there is a milestone to accomplish, and once you do it, you should either have a new revenue stream or increase your current income. This will give you more room to invest and outsource a lot of the work. After all, the key is automation.

There is a lot more training, and I tried to touch most of it to show you what Authority Hacker Pro has to offer. As you can see, Authority Hacker is an excellent investment for people who wants to learn and build a passive income online. However, it’s not for everybody.

As an alternative or next step, I recommend Authority Hacker Pro or Authority Site System to my students. I firmly believe after you have given Wealthy Affiliate A shot, Authority Hacker would be the next step.

Remember, niche blogs are high, and creating multiple can build you a lucrative niche blog portfolio bring in big bucks. However, having an authority website, the rewards can be endless. Plus, you only really need one; if you decide to make more, it’s up to you.

Well, guys, that my Authority Hacker Review for 2020. I tried not to pillow talk to you about Authority Hacker. I wanted to show you the value it has and why it’s excellent for anybody who wants to build a lucrative business online.

I have to warn you that building authority websites can take years, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. However, if you take your time and be patient and, most importantly, consistent, you will succeed. You might not have a ten million dollar website, but I guarantee you can see 5-7 figures.

The most beautiful part is you can do anything once you get to that point. You can scale your business and build more authoritative websites or niche blogs or flip them and sales them. People are always looking for already established sites with traffic and content structures that they can just take over and scale.

And they will pay the big bucks too. If this is something, you would like to do in the future. Check out this link below. Its a website appraiser, which will kind of give you the idea of the metrics you want to have to make a big payout if you package your website with its social media and content and sale it.

Website Value Calculator

Life Hackers Worth

Authority Hacker Review – My Final Thoughts

Authority Hacker is an excellent opportunity if you truly want to start an online business. If you follow this training, you will see some success. However, everybody’s success is different. I can’t sit here to promise you that you will be a millionaire, but I am sure you can replace your full-time income or double it.

As I said many times, some of these programs are not for everybody. If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate under me, I recommend this to be your next step. This will help you build a solid foundation for your niche blog in Authority and make 10X more income.

I am currently working on an article post explaining how Wealthy Affiliate and Authority Hacker go hand in hand. I believe this all the training you need. You don’t want to be training forever, you got to take action to see tangible results.

Good Luck,

Robert – Profitable Niche Blogging

A Great Alternative If Your Looking For Something More Light Weight.

If you are finding this review before my Wealthy Affiliate review and you think this is a little too much for you, that is ok. I have an excellent alternative for you. I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate many times in this post because it’s a great entry-level platform for beginners who are just getting their feet wet.

Authority Hacker can be an overhaul of information for some and a significant investment. This is why I recommend you check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review and consider it as an alternative. I have been a member of WA since 2013, and It hands down the best training platform/community for beginners.

Most importantly, you get the training you need and get your questions asked. You can sign up for a free trial run below if you want. 

Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership


You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review first and then join. I look forward to working with you and helping your reach your goals.

O’Yeah, To answer the big question. Is it Worth It or not? The answer should be obvious.

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