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Hi Guys, Welcome To Profitable Niche Blogging. My name is Robert the creator and founder of PNB website and Niche Profits You tube Channel. As you can see today I will be sharing my insight about the legendary community of Wealthy Affiliate.

I have personally been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013, I have joined and left to many times that I can’t remember how many.  I decided to create this Review because there are so many mixed reviews on the web about WA. When I search for “Wealthy Affiliate Reviews” I get term such as “is wealthy affiliate a scam” or lack thereof. To answer that buzzing question once and for all NO, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is a opportunity…

Don’t Worry I will explain!

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this review I want to share my intent for this review. My goal is to showcase WA for what it is and for what it is not. As well as what it offers and what it doesn’t offer you. I firmly believe everybody is entitled to their own opinions, however I also believe that a majority of these negative reviews about WA are misguided and downright unprofessional.

I am not selling you WA or anything I am sharing my experience and what I get from it and potentially what it can do for you. This is my ultimate goal. However, I do recommend WA to all of my students because they teach you the basics of what you need to know to follow my training’s.

This in the long run helps me out so I dont have to spend to much time on basics and get straight to the meat and potatoes because most people want to see a return of investment quickly. So with that said, let truly find out is Wealthy Affiliate worth it or not!

Table of Contents

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My Promise To You

The entire reason for my writing this review as an Online Entrepreneur and Affiliate Marketer is that I really get tired of misinformation. As I stated before, I have been a WA member since 2013, and WA has been around since about 2005. I started to see so much misguided information in bogus reviews and complaints about wealthy affiliate, and I was so confused.

To be honest, I believe that some people do not understand what WA is, so I decided to create this detailed review. Of course, I don’t want to write a novel, and I am just like the next person about the concept of “Getting Straight To The Point.” So I am going to try my level best to make this as short and sweet as possible.

First Off, to be clear and transparent, yes, I am a member and affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. This means if you click on my link and take advantage of the free membership, I will be your mentor within WA. Your sign up will be credited to me if you choose to become a Premium or Paid member.

As soon as you sign up, if you choose to. I will get notified about our 1 on 1 private coaching. Of course, as a free member, you don’t have access to a lot of features but what is essential. So I make it a priority to talk to all my future and current students to see where their mindsets are at and more.

So you probably asking yourself, What makes me any different than the rest that has  created Wealthy Affiliate Reviews? Furthermore, Why should you follow mine over others?

Those are two right questions to ask, and the best answers I can give you is this. I am not trying to sell you a damn thing, in the end, it’s your choice whether you want to join WA or not. To answer the second question, I will be transparent and honest about WA and what it can potentially be for you. However, Wealthy Affiliate is not for everybody.

I personally like to use WA as a training platform for my student. I have accumulated many students over the years. Some are venturing into niche blogging, so I recommend that WA be an entry-level training platform. Where they will have all, they need to get started online.

Now that we got all that out of the way let’s talk Wealthy Affiliate. Here is a screenshot of my Wealthy Affiliate Profile for starters.

A Little Background About Me

A picture of website designer and son

I have shared a lot about me on this website, social media, YouTube, and more. However, when you write a review, especially something you believe in, you can’t help to be somewhat biased. So this is why I want to tell you guys a quick story about me and how I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Back in 2012, I was enrolling in my second college, “Capella University.” I had transferred to this online college from my previous because of the accreditation and more. At this time, I wasn’t working or anything; I was a full-time student literally.

This time around, instead of majoring in Business, I decided to do something I was better at, which was IT. So I majored in Computer Science with a concentration in Web Development. I honestly believe this was the beginning of my love-hate relationship with website creation.

I was lucky to be able to apply and obtain federal aid, which all US citizens are entitled to do. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can get, something they usually leave out, like a bad punchline. I completed three years and had to withdraw because I exhausted my federal aid for that school.

Usually, I would have been shell-shocked for the outcome, I put in 3 years, and this is what I get. However, I wasn’t at all; I was relieved to honest. Around my first year of college at Capella University, I wanted to do something that could make me some extra income to pay some bills and maybe help pay some interest on my student loans while I’m in school.

That is when I realized how many opportunities there were online. So I started digging deeper and deeper and realized there was a different culture of people online who called themselves Online Entrepreneurs and Socialpreneurs. These online professionals practice marketing disciplines such as affiliate marketing, SEO Marketing, Blogging, Freelancing, etc.

My first breakthrough happened around this time, which was mid-2013 at the end of May. I remember so vividly because my birthday had just passed. I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Saved Me From Myself. I Thank WA For Opening My Eyes To All The Other Opportunities Out There.

You have to realize guys currently I didn’t know anything about Affiliate Marketing, Niche Blogging, or SEO. I honestly was a newbie beginner in this whole online marketing thing. WA catered to me because it was something that I was looking for that could teach me the basics. Later, that June of 2013 is when I became a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate.

I look back now after all these years, and I have to say if it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate, I would have the knowledge nor the capability to create the content and make the income I have made online over the years.

You should be able to see why I am a little bit biased about WA. However, WA worked for me because it catered to what I was already doing. I was already freelancing in Web Design in 2013, and learning how to build content as a writer and how to capitalize on organic traffic was what WA taught me.

A skill-set that I could use in any avenue I put my mind too. I, of course, built upon that, and today I am no longer that newbie I was back in 2013.

Just remember going into this review that Wealthy Affiliate might not be for you, and that is ok. However, I feel that anybody should give it a try. After all, it’s free to start, and you might learn something that can change your life as it did for me.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership -
What Do You Get?

From a business standpoint, the “Freemium” Business model can be a make or break move. The reason why “Freemium” business models are risky is that it can saturate your platform with spammy content. However, if you believe in your product, then a Freemium platform is the way to go.

Wealthy Affiliate offers two different memberships, which are the Free membership or Premium membership. As most free memberships work, they give you access to premium content, but you only have access to the essential free content. The best part about the Free membership is that you get enough to see results in your hard work.

The free membership gives you a HUGE discount to become a premium member if you signup through an affiliate link. You will get 7 -days to try out WA and see if its indeed something for you. Then you can become a premium member for a HUGE discount.

I have been a WA member for along time, and I am still mind-boggled about how much they give you for FREE. They can put everything that WA has to offer behind a payment gateway, and it always is worth it. They believe in the product so much they are giving anybody a free test drive to see if it’s worth there time.

Here is what you will get with the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership?

  • 24-7 Chat and Live Help ( 7-Day-Premium Feature)
  • SiteRubix WordPress Site Builder (2 Free Websites)
  • Full Website Manager (Emails, Backups, and More)
  • Online Entrepreneurial Certification Training (OEC Training)
  • Personal Blog (Training, Success Post, etc.)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Phase 1 Only)
  • Live Webinar Training
  • Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy 30 – Free Searches)
  • 1-on-1 Coaching (First 7-days) – Please Take Advantage of This Feature

 You’re probably wondering, could you run a successful niche blog business with just a free membership? The answer is YES! However, I don’t recommend it to any of my students. If you feel committed to learning what WA has to offer and willing to go through the training and take action, you should join as a Premium member.

I tell every student that joins WA under me as their mentor that the Free membership is a tool that is available to show you what is possible and what WA has to offer. This tool or freebie is to find out if Wealthy Affiliate is the best opportunity for you.

Here is a quick video of what WA looks like when you join. You can also watch this video on our Start Here Page.

Play Video

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership -
What You Get? And Options

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership gives you everything WA has to offer. After you have taken advantage of the 7 – day trial, the Premium membership should be your next step if you are serious about building an online business. Remember, by upgrading to the Premium Membership, and you will get a HUGE discount for your first month.

Wealthy Affiliate is hands down one of the most exciting online opportunities I have found online. I have never seen a community like WA that is jam-packed full of help, tools, and resources. You will never have to worry about out of date information because there is live training held every week and new training created every month.

I have read many reviews stating that WA content is out of date, and that is just not true. I have found that many people that give WA a chance and don’t see tangible results within a specific amount of time tend to saturate WA with negative reviews, and false statements.

The truth is WA is a patience game. What WA offers you are building a solid foundation online with niche blogs that cover a variety of topics and affiliate review websites that you can build upon in any way.

You never have to worry about getting stuck either. You will have access to the 24-7 chat and support, which you can ask questions to the 1000s of WA members and get answers. Furthermore, you will have access to our 1-one-1 Private coaching as well.

My job as your mentor is to get you started on your certification training (OEC training) and talk about what you want. There are many ways you can go in Online Marketing, and we need to figure out which way you want to go so we can start building your foundation.

Here are some of the features and incentives included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:

  • 24-7 Live Help and Support (Unlimited)
  • Private Messaging (Unlimited – Send Me or Anybody Private Messages)
  • 50 Websites (SiteRubix WordPress Website Builder)
  • Site Manager (Email, Domain Purchase, Website Backup, Feedback, and Internal Commenting System)
  • Full Access To Online Certification Training (OEC Training) All Modules
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases
  • Live Webinar Training Every Week
  • Video Walkthroughs (Hands-On Guides
  • Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy Lite – Unlimited Searches)
  • Training Classrooms
  • WA Affiliate Program 2X Higher Payout
  • Earn While You Learn – Best Part!
  • 1-on-1 Private Coaching with ME! Your Mentor!
  • Website Support (24-7 Support 365 Days Per Year)
  • Website Analysis
  • And More!!!

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate is jam-packed with needed and reliable services. I consider WA business in a box and is excellent for beginners who are getting started in Online Marketing. If you were to add all these features up separately, you could be spending 100s of dollars, maybe more.

Just having a keyword research tool alone can cost you anywhere from $45-$100 per month. However, WA gives you all of this for a low monthly or yearly fee. I enjoy having WA at my leisure because it saves me money in the long run. 

It feels good to know I have a full Website Builder with Hosting, Domain Organizer for my purchased domains, Keyword Research Tool for Market Research, and chat services where I can get all my questions answered.

Build Your Free Website With The SiteRubix WordPress Website Builder Below!

Tryout Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. You get 30 Free Searches with a Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership. However, you get unlimited with a Premium Membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

There are 100s of success stories within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Here are some screenshots of some of the most current success stories. 

These are just a few that was on my timeline at the time of writing this review. However, there are 100s everyday.

You can click on the images to read the full stories.

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My Personal Likes and Interest about Wealthy Affiliate

Many things attracted me to Wealthy Affiliate. However, there are many things that I DON’T like about Wealthy Affiliate, but I will get to those in the next section. For now, let’s talk about the good.

My initial goal to join WA was to learn how to make money from blogging. My idea I had was to make a portfolio of websites that created a median amount of earnings per month in ad revenue and affiliate promotions. I soon realized that this was easier said than done.

Most niche blogs take time to produce, mainly if you’re not creating them right. You can make many mistakes along the way that can saturate your website in the search engines. You need to learn a method that works and rinse and repeat. 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you a proven method that works! They show you how to make a niche website about any topic, and they also teach you how to make an affiliate review website that you can build a foundation for you. Just about every online marketer has either a review website or niche blog portfolio.

You see, what attracted me the most to WA is they don’t just teach you about affiliate marketing and niche blogging. They show you how to create a foundational business online that is generating your passive income every day. This was important information, which is why my perspective changed about what WA and what it is suitable for.

After years of trying different things and perfecting my skill set, I soon realized I had a passion for teaching, and WA was the perfect platform for this idea. Instead of creating my platform, I was already apart of the best online training platform in existence.

Then I had an epiphany! I decided to create all my courses around WA, and instead of looking at WA as an Opp or business offer, I looked at it as an Entrepreneur Beginners toolbox. If you look at what WA has to offer, they give you everything you need to start a successful online business.

The best part of all is you don’t have to build niche blogs if you don’t want to. You can utilize the free web sites and hosting or Premium websites and hosting (You get more) and build your own branded website that brands you. Instead of being a niche blogger, you can be an Affiliate Marketer who reviews opportunities and gives your opinion on whether the program is worth it.

In other words, I love the integration aspect of WA. You can integrate WA in just about any business model. Furthermore, WA is designed to be a business out of the box makes it even better.

To me, the Wealthy Affiliate Community is one of a kind! You’re not going to find anything else like it on the web. At the core of WA and what the platform and community teach you goes a long way than other training and opportunities.

WA is more of a realistic opportunity for anybody who wants to capitalize on the most exceptional skillset known to man. You will learn how to sell ANYTHING!

However, As the saying goes, “There is no such thing as perfect.” WA has many things I dislike about it as well. It will only be fair for me to disclose those as well.

Thinking about it now, I am glad that WA has its flaws, which is easily fixable because if Wealthy Affiliate is perfect, it be too good to be true.

Let’s talk about the Bad and Ugly.

Personal Note: The WA 24-7 Chat/Support Service alone is worth the Premium Monthly or Yearly Membership. Why? Because you will always have a place to ask questions related to affiliate marketing or General Marketing, and you will get an answer or help. Somebody will know the answer. That is powerful!

My Personal Dislikes About Wealthy Affiliate

If you guys made it this far in my review, you could tell that I am VERY satisfied with my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. If I wasn’t, I would promote it nor be apart of WA for so long. However, as with any Opportunity, there are always flaws.

One thing I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate is they don’t really offer advanced training for more seasoned marketers. It would be an added benefit if they incorporated advanced training like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Ad training, Funnel Building, List Building, and more. Of course, this doesn’t saturate WA at all, its just a personal issue that I have with the platform.

I would also love to see more additions added to the WA platform. The training is pretty much “Evergreen,” which means its always going to be the best training as far as getting started online and seeing tangible results. It would be great if they add more tools like a funnel builder for promoting other affiliate programs, User-created niche blog templates, etc.

I understand that Kyle and Carson have their own vision about Wealthy Affiliate. However, as long as they have been in business, they could have some great partnerships with some excellent people. This can potentially open the door to more advanced training and more tools.

The concept of WA is a good one, but I feel that for it to be 15 years old and still going strong and not too much has changed is a personal issue for me.

However, As I stated above, I am delighted with WA, just I would love to see it grow even more significant. Hell, I wish I could help, who knows maybe will one day.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

My primary goal for creating this review is to give an honest look at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. So know we are going to talk about who Wealthy Affiliate is for and not for. The most straightforward answer I can give you is WA is for “Everybody.”

However, that wouldn’t be the honest truth. WA is not for everybody. I think it’s a GREAT platform for beginners in Online Marketing. They will learn a lot with WA and get all the help they will ever need. I think the perception is that most people don’t understand what Wealthy Affiliate really is, let me explain!

Wealthy Affiliate is a community/training platform that teaches people how to make money online about niche blogging (Content Creation) and Affiliate Marketing (Product and Service Promotion). Ultimately the goal is to eventually become an authority in your respectable niche and sell and promote your products.

You see, WA helps you build your foundation online by teaching you the basics and some advanced concepts. WA gives you a foundation to stand on as you generate more knowledge and scale your business. Everybody starts at this point, which is normal. However, not everybody makes it to the next step because it can be overwhelming.

WA is ideal for beginners in the online marketing industry hands-down. As a member and mentor of Wealthy Affiliate, I promote WA as a training platform for all my students. I do this because I believe that WA has everything you need to get started in your Online Entrepreneurial careers.

Once you get finished with all the training, you will have a productive website or 2 that will make you money, and then you can move on to more advanced concepts like:

  • High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Creation
  • YouTube
  • And More.

Of course, that is the ideal person who is passionate about creating their own business online and replacing their job. I personally believe that the chat support within WA is the best I have ever seen. Trust me, having that help only one chat message away is AMAZING!

I personally didn’t have that when I first started until I found WA, and the rest is history. The value of what WA offers is worth every cent and your time if you really want to become an Entrepreneur. 

However, just like I said, WA is not for everybody. Let’s talk about who SHOULD’T join WA.


I have said it like 100 times, and I will repeat it. Wealthy Affiliate is not for everybody! There are still people out there with this misconceived notion that “Get Rich Quick Schemes,” Pyramid SchemesMLM, and God know what else is the way to go. So when they run up on an opportunity like this they usually don’t give it a real chance, they just bad mouth it.

I am 100% certain that is where the majority of the negative reviews and comments come from. Of course, then there is the capitalist whose bad mouth an excellent opportunity to pitch an alternative just because the “Affiliate Payout” is better. To me, this is deceptive marketing.

These are the types of people that don’t need to be in Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has an open-door policy to any and everybody who wants to start their online careers. However, they don’t want people like I describe to join just to criticize and degrade our beloved community, for what gain? Nothing!

Let’s keep it simple. The bottom line is as follows!

If you want to learn affiliate marketing and build a professional foundation online, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

If you are looking for some “Get Rich Quick Scheme” or results in 2 hours and expect 6 figures in your bank account within 1 week, so something more mundane… Then Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for you.

In the end, creating a business and presence online is like a traditional business in the physical world. You have to build credibility and show you know what you’re talking about. Build your foundation and scale.

Most importantly, it takes money to make money. You will invest in tools, services, promotions, etc. These tools and services are here to make our jobs easier. Afterall the key is automation. You’re going to make sacrifices, and it will be challenging, but if you “Stay The Course” and believe in yourself, you will succeed.

If, for any reason, those words changed something in your mind. Sign Up for Wealthy Affiliate Below for Free and give it a good shot. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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My Final Thoughts

Overall, guys, its really your choice. I can explain to you why Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity, and that is the next best thing better than sliced bread. However, you are going to always have your choice to make, and it’s based on your mindset and feelings about the opportunity.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to all my students. Many have come and gone, but a vast majority of them still remain. They are all making a decent income, and they are productive members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate first is a community than a training platform. You will meet people from all walks of life and make some great new friends. You will really enjoy the live webinar training weekly with Jay from Magistudios and more.

I really hope to see you guys in the community. Remember, I am here for ya. You will get messages from me as soon as you join. So with that said, I will be in touch.

Still, Have Doubt…?

Consider this! Wealthy Affiliate started in 2005 and has been going strong since then. They have over 50,000 active members or more in WA. Regardless of the personal negative reviews and comments, have you wondered why Google shows WA so much, love.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is the most Legitable Online Opportunity On the Web. They know it, and we know it. Period!

So what are you waiting for… Sign up and get your Free Trial and take advantage of that discount to become a Premium member and make it official. I see you on the inside!

Good Luck and Happy Marketing

Robert – Profitable Niche Blogging

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